Monday, February 22, 2010

Reese at 6 months

Reese had his 6 month checkup, and the boy is big. 19 pounds, 27 1/4 inches. (Ramsey was 19 pounds at a year old) He has 3 teeth with one closing in. He is officially crawling, but still not much of a sitter, because he would rather stand. He loves his food, especially applesauce, but he is a little particular when it comes to the cereal.

But for being such a big boy, he still is not sleeping through the night. We have tried a bedtime routine, making sure he eats enough during the day, making sure he is rested, but nothing has worked. Last night he woke up twice! Ugh. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

He still has a ton of hair and is almost ready for his 2nd haircut. But my favorite part? His favorite people are Ramsey, Riley, and Regan. I hope they will always be best friends. I will post some pictures when I get my camera fixed, or get a new one.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Toilet Troubles

In our house, we only have two bathrooms. (With five people using the bathroom, its not a lot.) Well over the past week we have had some....issues....with the flushing. I would plunge and plunge, and nothing. Rob is the Toilet Whisperer. Seriously its like the toilet knows its Rob and it will behave for him. The hall bathroom was having problems. It We would continue with the plunging routine, but nothing would change. I sent in Rob. He ended up having to take apart the bowl, and also the pipes behind it to find the problem.

Moral of the story? Small Transformers do flush, but once they go down, nothing else will.