Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reese-2 months

Well on Oct 18 Reese was two months old. The time is flying by. To me he is still so little, but the charts say otherwise. When I took him for his 2 months checkup, he weighed 14 lbs 7 oz, and was 23 in long. Yikes! He is my biggest baby. The others weren't anywhere close to 14 lbs. He is smiling all the time now and cooing like crazy. He even laughs and it is so cute. I am totally in love with this boy (and my biceps get a good workout too!) and he still likes me. The older kids all prefer Rob, but so far Reese still likes me. I'll enjoy it.

In other news, Regan is now "mostly" potty trained. He's doing really well. Its like it finally clicked, and I cannot be happier. He's even sleeping better at night again. Now if we can just get him to like Nursery again......

Now we just have to gear up for the holidays. Ack! I'm so not ready.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Potty Training...

So, we are trying to Regan potty-trained, and it just isn't happening as fast as I want it to. I mean, it shouldn't be that hard, right? When we went through this with Riley, it was pretty easy. Then again, I didn't have an infant to tend to either. He does really well during the day, but when the others get home from school its like all the good work just flew out the window. Sheesh. The good news?? the end of 2012 I should stop changing diapers for good! That means I will have changed diapers for 11 years straight. Crazy!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Riley (Sept 28)!!!

Six years ago Riley came barreling into our lives at a whopping 6 lbs 11 oz. (You can tell from the above photo just how tiny he was.) But that did not last long. He grew fast and big! From the very beginning he has made our lives interesting. He started walking/running at 9 months and has not slowed down since. He still likes to cuddle, look at animals (he's not big on getting close to them) and play with Sissy.

Look at how small Ramsey is!!!

Having birthday cake at Abuelos house...

Getting ready to blow out candles...
This was his 3rd birthday...I fell in love with that face from the first moment!!!

Riley is the best! Happy Birthday buddy!