Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3 months old

Well time keeps passing as now little Reese is 3 months old! Yikes!

Having this little guy around is refreshing. He is always happy. He will fuss in his crib after waking up, but as soon as he sees you, he is all smiles. He loves to watch his older siblings, and continues to add to his chubbiness. I estimate his weight around 17 pounds now. His hair is still really dark, and it sticks up on top, even if I brush it down while wet. Its amazing to me how much he likes me. My older children all liked Daddy best, but Reese smiles the most for me. Am I bragging? Perhaps a little. But it makes me happy. He will smile at me when I have on no makeup, my scraggly ponytail and my standard uniform t-shirt. He makes me feel beautiful, like I am his hero. Its humbling, and Reese is a blessing.


Many, many things have been happening in our household. (and I am a total slacker in updating!)
So here goes...

Ramsey turned 8. Oh my gosh. EIGHT! She is tall and skinny now, when she began life so small. I don't have any pictures from when she was tiny on the computer, and I'm still working on getting a scanner. She is a great big sister and helper. Since her birthday is Nov 2, she got to have a party on Halloween, complete with costumes, pizza, cake, and some friends.

Then the next weekend she was baptized by her daddy. What a neat day. Rob and I had talked extensively about what we wanted for the program and we both agreed that the normal way seemed too long for a child. Rob talked with our bishop to see what was absolutely necessary and we went from there. Rob said that he wanted that day to be a great experience for her. Both Rob and I don't remember much from our own baptisms, except for some of the people there, so we had her grandmothers share experiences/testimonies from their own baptisms and confirmations, and the family sang a song. Ramsey just about glowed the entire time. Now she is telling me she needs this, and that, and more this, and I'm thinking "you've got plenty of need to rush". However, time just keeps passing way too quickly. It seems like yesterday that we blessed her....